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Direct sales office to serve you better
We are proud to bring a direct sales and support link to our current and future customers. The demand to have a direct sales and support service was very great, especially in the Rimouski area. We took the time to search for experienced retail resources and found outstanding sales guidelines.

At Posisoft, we are designers of our software and master all our technologies. Our priority is the technical training of our sales managers of our software and our various applications. Their hands-on retail experience combined with their software training is a winning formula for our current and future traders. We have our own computers for retail as well as for catering.

This allows us support, understanding and uniform installation. Our guidelines will be supported by an authorized reseller network within 100 kilometers of their respective regions. 
By achieving uniformity in knowledge and equipment you will enjoy equal quality and a very competitive price. Our guidelines support every authorized reseller and ensure that they have the proper installation and demonstration knowledge for your market sector.

Isthera is a software that over time covers all areas of the retail market. The importance for us is that you are satisfied with your purchase and that you pay a competitive price versus the quality purchased.
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