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Electronic labels
Install electronic tags in your business that fully fits with your inventory system. You buy the number and format you desire.

You set the format of the labels or select many of the formats provided. You change your prices in your inventory or via your phone / tablet.

You are in your store or remotely, then your Isthera POS cash register is updated automatically including the electronic tags, you can even confirm that everything went smoothly.

If you were on promotion, then the promotion format is selected automatically.  No need to worry about anything for the next (5) years.
You can make as many formats as you want from our label format generator. The labels will update automatically when a price change by choosing the correct format of the labels. Isthera-ESL, our server application for your electronic tag park, will receive and apply the changes. Each label will receive confirmation of the change made. There is a battery indicator for each label. A label in general will have a shelf life of 5 years to 7 years. There is also a temperature indicator for each label.
Isthera Technology - The Futur in the Present
Mobility versus labels
You benefit from your Android / Iphone smartphone or tablet for:

- update a label;
- detach a product from a label;
- connect a product to a label;
Isthera Technology - The Futur in the Present
Battery life and temperature reports
For each label you get the status of the battery (lifetime between 5 to 7 years). If the battery is empty, the information remains on the label screen and a replacement emergency indicator is displayed. You have located each label in your store which allows you to quickly locate and replace the battery. Batteries are standard and can be found in all good stores.
Activation by yourself
You can put your own labels in your store. All accessories are available:

- plastic anchoring shelf wood-glass;
- Support feet;
- single or double hook.

Installation by our team
You are not equipped ? No matter the reason we have a quick and experienced team to install and configure your labels.

- Measure your tablets;
- Cutting and laying of plastic anchors;
- Attaching labels to products;
- Production report
Isthera ESL
Our electronic tag server oversees the up-to-date updates for all of your stores with electronic tags. Always in real time or by batch of price changes you will always confirm changes or status of your labels. This technology is now accessible.

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Proud business partner of:
Cash Systeme Industrie
Since 2017, we have completely integrated Isthera with Cash Systems Industrie's French Touch Restoration software.

This hardware manufacturer in the field of restoration and designer of a high-end restoration software was born Isthera Resto a completely integrated restoration software with Isthera. MEV and Desjardins integrated and approved.
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