Hybrid Cloud

The "Isthera Hybrid Cloud" package is an access to your point of sale system in real time anywhere in the world

The Isthera Hybrid Cloud allows you to quickly access the data stored on our Cloud server and recover your data. It is therefore possible to keep the data either constantly on the Cloud, or to transfer the data every evening upon request to your environment to guarantee protection in the event of the loss of internet connection or simply to stop using the Isthera Cloud service.

Your Cloud data in proprietary mode can at any time come back to your internal environment, which allows you to always invoice even in the absence an Internet connection.

The Advantages of Isthera Hybrid Cloud

Use the software in monthly rental mode and your data will be stored in the Cloud.

Our Isthera version is completely Hybrid Cloud and will allow you to use your cash register permanently. Your data is centralized in the Cloud, but can become local again at any time in the event of an internet outage.

Use the software in owner mode with your local data or your data in the Cloud.

You use your computer; you insert our SSD key into a USB 3 output of your computer and you are connected to your company in a secure way. No configuration or installation. Remove the key, return home, insert the key into your computer and you’re connected. Your data is secure and accessible anywhere in the world with our SSD key.

Increase Inter-branch Speed


Join with your owner Isthera system you can use your data via your own computers or via a Cloud environment, which becomes ideal for those with several branches or to work from home.

Isthera Cloud Services Solutions 3 months of tech support included

Isthera service cloud



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